Things You Never Thought You’d Miss About College


Sitting in a classroom for 3 hours learning about biology or history may be boring and tortuous when you’re in school, but when you’re out of school you miss learning, taking notes, and having a wealth of knowledge right in front of you.


At my college the running joke was nobody ate at “Shartels” aka our dining hall because it was gross and people got sick from it. But I miss having a meal plan and not having to cook my own food for every meal.


Having a place to go to to focus at all times of the day was such a beautiful thing. Being surrounded by other people wanting to succeed as much as you do. Plus who never loved a good ol study sesh with some pals.


You’re never going to find another place where you’re surrounded by people in your age group with similar interests. Outside of college it’s so much harder to find people your age especially in NYC where its so diverse or at your job where most people will be older than you…by alot.

Close Proximity

My old stomping grounds aka college was small to say an understatement. Everything is within a 5 minute walking distance and it was AHMAZING! In NYC you have to take a cab or train to most places you want to go to and its not as convenient.


I know I definitely miss all the free events my school had where all you had to do was swipe your ID. From free tshirts to goldfish in the quad to your own street sign, there were countless things to particpate in and get free swag in between classes.

Extracurricular Activities

Getting involved and joining a club or making your own where you’re able to bond with people over similar interests is such a great experience.


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