5 Things No One Tells You About Post-Grad

Graduation is something people cant wait for. As soon as senior year starts, the countdown begins. Students believe their lives will finally begin once they graduate from school. They can’t wait for the day they don’t have to deal with homework, professors, and the constant stress and pressure to get good grades. Once they graduate, life is going to suddenly be great. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, things aren’t what you have been led to believe.


Post-Grad life is hard. I just recently graduated and the first few months afterwards were such a change. No longer can you just roll out of bed, put on sweats and head to class. You now have to look presentable on a daily basis  (hellooo business casual) and put your best foot forward. You’re stuck in this in-between; not a student anymore but not quite yet a full adult yet. You constantly miss the freedom and wildness of college but appreciate the independence and opportunities that are begging to be taken.

Job hunting is so discouraging. Consistently casting your net only to get no bite is tough especially when you’re young and full of ideas and passion that you just want to get across. But push through all those doubts and worries of not finding a job or not being good enough. Something is bound to pop up and you’ll be on a new adventure.

Moving Out or Moving In. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a job lined up after graduation and to be able to live on their own. Some people have to live with their parents still or even work part-time in retail before they find a full-time job they actually like and that is perfectly okay. Theres many benefits to living at home – free laundry, home cooked meals, no/little rent – so don’t let it bum you out.

Persistence is key. It took me awhile to find a job. I was on looking on several job posting websites, had even joined a staffing agency to up my chances of finding something. I had to move back home after graduation from CT to NYC and live with my mom while I was job-hunting. After what felt like forever of constantly applying to places, I was able to find a job where I currently work full-time as a junior graphic designer for a company in midtown.

Know your worth. Don’t settle for any job just because it is a job. Always make sure the pay is reasonable and there are benefits because that is important down the line. Your first job might not always be the job you dreamed about and that’s okay. You can use your first job as a learning experience and a great resume builder. This will be the first step to getting your foot in the door and can be a great place to network with people in your field or the field you’re trying to get into.



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